Video Killed The Death Star: Apple Demands Streaming Video Apps Throttle Back

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Recently,'s iPhone video-viewing app was approved by the App Store — but in the process, the developers were given an unusual requirement: "Can you make it run a little — um — slower?"

More specifically, they were asked to incorporate both high-quality (200 kbps) and low-quality (64
kbps) streams, for when the regular 3G network was overloaded and/or only the slower EDGE network was available.  Explains marketing VP Evan Solomon, "We were a bit confused by this request at the time, as none of the other
live video applications in the App Store had that feature.  Apple was very adamant that we add it‚Äîthey wouldn‚Äôt approve our app
without it."

Actually, it wasn't that long ago that a streaming-video-viewer in the App Store couldn't even be found, due to bandwidth-eating concerns.  Then when the first such apps arrived, they were confined to the "WiFi-only" ghetto.  Now, Apple is reinforcing their "adaptive bitrate" policy whenever streaming video or clips over 10 minutes in length are concerned.

[Via TechCrunch]

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