Wanna Hang A Note On The Fridge? There’s A (Magnetic) App For That

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Jailbreak Toys, it must be said, has a rather…um…different take on amusing tchotchkes; their previous offerings include a President Obama action figure ("The only action figure with the power to transform a nation!" they brag) alongside the likes of Salvador Dali, Mahatma Gandhi, and Chairman Mao figurines.

But they're really lived up to their company name* with their App Magnets collection.  Yep, li'l 7/8" square refrigerator magnets modeled after your iPhone app icons. 

*(iPhone.  Jailbreak.  Geddit?)

US$12.99 each, but if you buy three sets or more, shipping's on them.  Me, I need the Salvador Dali figurine on my work desk.  Like, now.

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