WSJ: Apple still negotiating iPad content deals

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We may be only weeks away from the iPad’s launch, but Apple
is still finalizing the deals for the device’s content. According to the Wall
Street Journal, Apple is currently in negotiation with media companies and
still wants to drop the prices of TV shows offered on the devise. TV show
content is so important to Apple that sources have indicated that Apple is
pushing content deals with newspapers, magazines, and textbook publishers to
the back burner and focusing its efforts on TV show content.

The difficulty for Apples seems to be convincing the content
providers of the benefits of partnering with Apple and that the new partnership
will not damage the content provider’s current sources of revenue. Apple has
supposedly already sold “hundreds of thousands” of iPads, but as usual, they
are not releasing any other information about content negotiations or the
number of devices  that have been

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal


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