64GB iPad Selling For $2,250 In India

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Everyone wants a bite of the latest Apple offering and our friends in India are no different. In fact the crazy fanboys (and girls) are not thinking twice before spending exorbitant amounts of money on the iPad. Word on the street and by that we mean the good old grey market is that the 16GB WiFi version is selling for around Rs.40000 (approx 900USD) and in the US you can get around 2 iPads at the same price. But wait till you hear the price of the 64GB. Are you ready for this? One guy sold five 64GB Pads for 100,000 rupees ($2,250). The device is also doing the rounds of Ebay India where sellers are importing from the US and then offering it to the Indian consumer. All I can say is that never underestimate the power of Apple and the foolishness of humans!  

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