5 Reasons You’ll See a New iPhone

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If you're like us and monitoring Web chatter, you've know the rumors of a new iPhone models are running hot and heavy with purported features and ‘new’ pictures almost every day now. And we’ve all been here before

Diving truth out of all the chatter is difficult, and we‚Äôve been disappointed before, so with help of PCmag.com we're going to lay out all out for you. 

The five reasons why you may see a new iPhone this summer:

1. It Fits the Pattern

Look at the release dates the previous iPhones. 

‘Nothing screams "pattern" like the fact that a new iPhone model has been launched in this particular timeframe for the past three years. That doesn't mean that Apple has to automatically launch a new iPhone variant each year. However, when taken in context with some of the other rumors flying around, it's one of the more obvious indications as to when a new iPhone could find its way to store shelves.’

iPhone (1st gen): June 29, 2007

iPhone 3G: July 11, 2008

iPhone 3GS: June 19, 2009

2. AT&T Blocking Vacations

Numerous sites are reporting that AT&T have told employees that June vacations are now off-limits. Not only is this standard operating procedure when there's a new iPhone launch, but the timeframe coincides with the launch pattern for iPhone products.

3. Corporate Event Scheduling

The Moscone Center in San Francisco has been booked for a "Corporate Event" from June 28 to July 2. Given that this is same name and place used for previous Apple events, this falls within the three-year anniversary of the iPhone, AND that AT&T's exclusive contract with Apple is purportedly a three-year deal…

4. The Hardware Details

The Wall Street Journal has teased, with the possibility of two different iPhone launches: an upgrade to the existing GSM-based iPhones and a new, CDMA version that would mark the first footsteps into Verizon territory. 

Th CDMA phone might not be available until September when Pegatron Technology Corp., one of the rumored iPhone manufacturers, can begin mass-production.

The upgrade GSM iPhone, the WSJ claims that sources claim the fourth version the iPhone will have a faster processor and a thinner profile. Daring Fireball's John Gruber has suggested the new phone will have an A4-based CPU, a 960-by-640 display, double the resolution of the iPhone 3GS, and a new front-facing camera.

5. The Pictures

Several sites are reporting they've gotten their hands on the front façade for the GSM iPhone upgrade, or at least ‘discovered’ photos of it. Again, we’ve been through all this before.

What does it mean? Are we getting a new iPhone? Put in Magic 8-ball terms, “All signs point to yes.” This is the exact same noise that has preceded al new iPhone releases.

Looks to be another exciting summer of the iPhone.

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