ABC’s iPad App a Success

ABC is so far the only television network so far to offer an iPad app for watching its shows free. Apparently it’s proven a success for ABC.

In the 10 days since the iPad’s debut, ABS’s app has been downloaded 205,000 times, giving the Walt Disney Co. a place on nearly half the 450,000 devices that Apple says it has sold. According to the Network, users have watched at least part of 650,000 television episodes using the app, generating millions of ad impressions, according to an ABC spokesman.

What does this mean for iPad owners? At the least we’ll probably see more apps like ABC, and thereby more access to content.

There were rumors that Apple was looking for a subscriber model for selling TV shows through iTunes, effectively allowing users to bypass cable getting all their content through Apple. ABC’s success intimates that there may be a market for just such a model. Though some companies may be waiting for iAd, their time would be better used focusing on installs like ABC did. The iAd revenue will surely follow on an already successful app.

Video from the iPad episode of Modern Family, an ABC show, you can watch on your iPad.

via WSJ


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