Absinthe Of Malice: ChronicDev And The Greenp0ison Saga – More Info on 3.1.3 Jailbreak

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Jailbreaking iDevices is no longer a one- or even two-horse race.

On his EnterTheNinja blog, Chronic-Dev Team member Posixninja updates readers on the status of greenp0ison, a new toolkit for discovering and exploiting new vulnerabilities in the iPhone OS.  One of the keys to greenp0ison is the recently-showcased "spirit" exploit used to jailbreak iPads.  Even as Posixninja was porting "spirit" to Linux and adding it to greenp0ison, a coalition of Chronic-Dev, Comex, and the iPhone Dev Team got Cydia running on a iPad.

So where was the infamous GeoHot in all this?  In Posixninja's words:

[…] Geohot threw a wrench in our gears once again after
discovering a NEW exploit that pretty much blows everything we've got
out of the water. So now we're forced to reconsider our release plans
once again.

As of today (I can't speak for tomorrow, for all I know
everything could change again), both the original exploit I posted about
earlier and the new “spirit” exploit are probably going to be held off
for a little bit longer to avoid being patched by Apple.

Also, today I
mentioned on my twitter that I can almost guarantee an exploit for
3.1.3/3.2 (all devices, and all models!) before the end of the month. I
would strongly advise everyone to keep a close eye on Geohot's blog for updates in
the near future.

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