That’s A “No Can Do:” All The Big NO Answers For iPhone OS 4.0

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Did you hear a big squishing sound around 10:14 AM, Pacific Time?  That was when Steve Jobs announced that iPhone OS 4.0 would support multitasking — and, upon hearing the "M-word," 50 million iPhone users all creamed their jeans.  But — like Bill Clinton forcing a definition of the word "is" — we really need to fine-tune what this particular utterance of "multitasking" means:

1. Will iPhone OS 4.0 Support "True" Multitasking?

NO.  The new API gives full-time background processing only to a handful of app classes: Streaming audio.  VoIP.  GPS and turn-by-turn commands.

2. Can you upgrade have multitasking on iPhone 3G, 1St/2nd Generation iPod Touch, 1st generation iPhone

NO.  3Gs only, Last Generation iPod Touch

3. Will iPhone OS 4.0 will be available for the iPad this Summer?

NO.  (Heck, we just GOT the iPad last weekend.  You want everything at once?)

4. Can you close applications individually while "multitasking?"


5. Can IM and Twitter clients use multitasking?

NO.  Their alerts are still push-only.

6. How about having home screen widgets with iPhone OS?

NO.  The closest you'll get is a lock-screen control bar for Pandora (and one would assume, other streaming-music apps).

(But hey — at least it won't drain your battery like a Pre or Nexus One, right?  That's gotta count for something…)

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