Apple Patents 3D Glasses

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A recently filed patent Application shows off an interesting device that Apple may be working on. Currently nicknamed "iSpecs," by the tech blogs, the glasses would connect to an iPod or iPhone and give users a stereoscopic image.

Through the glasses an image would be split into two images to create the 3D effect. The patent also states that the user would not have to carry their iPod or iPhone, they would "relax while viewing image based content on the head-mounted device because he does not have to hold onto the portable electronic device." Which suggests that the user's media device would be mounted onto something, but that remains to be seen.

Such a device could have make for an interesting addition to watching movies at home or even gaming applications on the iPhone.

Also interesting is that the glasses would have a camera that shows everything in the outside world. In one scenario, the filing describes a situation in which someone walks up to the viewer. The camera would detect the oncoming person and feed the user a video of what is going on in front of him or her.

It also describes accelerometers that would detect the user's head motions and voice control. 

As with all patents, this should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it's worth knowing that it is a refiling of a previous patent, which may indicate that they have regained interest in the concept.

Apple refused to comment on the patent. 

via Daily Mail

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