Apple Wants Your Devices to Play With One Another

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Typically, your Apple TV and iTunes sync up. Your iPod syncs to your iTunes library when you physically connect the devices. However, a patent by Apple has recently emerged, and it shows a method for these devices being able to sync without a physical connection.

The patents reads:

"Systems, methods, and devices for simplified resource-sharing with electronic devices are provided. For example, a method for using at least one resource of a variety of electronic devices from another electronic device may include receiving resource-sharing information associated with a resource-sharing electronic device via near field communication, determining a resource-sharing scheme for using the resources of the resource-sharing electronic device based on the resource-sharing information, and sharing at least one resource of the resource-sharing electronic device using the determined resource-sharing scheme. The resource-sharing information may be received from a near field communication interface of the resource-sharing electronic device or from a radio frequency identification tag associated with the resource-sharing electronic device."

For example, what looks like video streaming from a computer to an iPhone. Interestingly, this doesn't seem to be limited to Apple devices. The patent shows methods of sharing data through what seems like a PS3 controller as well as an Xbox 360.

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If this patent ever receives some sort of real world use, we are one step closer to full control of the home…all from one device. Think of it as an ecosystem of all your electronics and gadgets working together.

Though it would be interesting to see how other electronics manufacturers take to the idea. Would Microsoft and Sony be interested in having their electronics share information or be controlled by an Apple device? Would other companies want to create similar environments with their machines? It will be interesting to keep an eye out for what may come–if anything.

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