AT&T Q1 Results Show Show That it’s a Good Time to Be AT&T

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Yesterday morning AT&T posted their 1st quarter results and they can proudly say that in that time they have seen a 1.9 million net gain total in wireless subscribers. Which they say is the highest Q1 total in the company's history, now reaching 87 million wireless subscribers.

They also reported 1.07 percent postpaid churn, and 1.3 percent total churn, which the company says are their lowest levels ever (That's a good thing for AT&T, as it means less subscribers are canceling their service).

They also saw a 29.8 percent growth in wireless date revenues which is up $947 million over last year's first quarter results.

However, net income is said to be down $600 million over last year's Q1 results, which is said to come from a one-time charge related to tax. (A bit of history on that  Wall Street Journal  )

Things should get even more interesting when the iPad 3G launches and popularizes the contract-less "pay by the data usage" plan.

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