Buyer’s Regret? Why The iPad’s Limitations…Aren’t

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Anyone can yell "THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!"  But it takes a satirist — a SKILLED satirist — to not only point out the Emperor's lack of garments, but to explain why that might be a GOOD thing.

Simon Dumenco at Advertising Age appears to be one such satirist.  As he explains in his article "Why the IPad Has Inspired Me to Give Up My Toaster, My Coffeemaker, My Pants," Dumenco was an early — and quite happy — iPad adopter, thrilled by its snappy design,crisp performance, and effortless interface.  Then a slew of iPad-backlash posts, blasting the device's self-imposed hardware limitations and its emphasis on the user as a consumer (rather than creator), made him question his purchase decision.  Until:

He took a good long look at his high-tech coffeemaker — which only accepted certain coffee pods.  Or his toaster ("Sure, it can accommodate sliced bread and bagels, but could I cook a pot roast with it? No! Does it have a camera? No!").  And don't get him started on his jeans ("[O]nly two ports for limbs! How ridiculously limiting!").

The moral of this story?  Not every pocket has room for a Swiss Army knife — and "one size fits all" rarely does.

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