Chopper 2 Allows Players to Use Their iPhone as a Controller

You've seen the iPhone controllers, how about using the iPhone as a controller for its big brother, the iPad?

A good portion of iPad owners probably already have an iPhone or iPod Touch. That all comes with the Apple love. This summer a game called Chopper 2 making use of that possibility by allowing players to sync their iDevices via Bluetooth (and likely wifi as well) and effectively create a simple gaming console, complete with wireless controllers, out of their iPad-iPod Touch/iPhone combination.

For those gamers who truly want a console experience, you may even want to connect your iPad to an HDTV for the ultimate in iPad/iPhone gaming:

If this idea works, it can mean a whole new way of gaming on the iPad. That is, of course, for those who already own both devices, or don't mind shelling out the extra cash.

Either way, it's a much better idea than a mega-expensive tile rack for Scrabble:

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