Deconstruction Time! More From The Gizmodo iPhone 4G Autopsy

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Still riding their Pulitzer-Prize-worthy scoop for all it's worth, Gizmodo has offered up more observations from their post-mortem of the rogue iPhone 4G prototype.  The salient points being:

  • The battery is a full 19% larger than the 3G version — basically taking up half the phone's internal real estate — yet with the current non-3G-style case, adding only 3 grams to the phone's total weight.
  • All the components were packed in so tightly that, if this isn't a production prototype, it's damn near close to one.
  • The main circuit board has shrunk dramatically — and, sheathed in metal shielding, it's virtually impossible to suss out what kind of CPU this baby is packing.
  • The presence of a micro-SIM car means this DEFINITELY ain't the CDMA/Verizon iPhone.
  • There's between 40 and 50 screws holding this together, many at weird angles — making this a potential MF'er to disassemble, much less assemble.

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