Former Pandemic Studios Employees Poke Fun at EA in iPhone Game

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First, a bit of history, Pandemic Studios was an independent development studio that was eventually acquired by Electronic Arts. However, the studio was shut down last year in November, a move that left 200 jobless.

Now Four former employees of Pandemic–Manny Vega, Andrew Mournian, Zach Hefner and Ariel Tal–went on to form their own studio called Downsized Games‚Ķvery fitting, to say the least. 

Downsized Games has already announced their first game, titled BulletTrain, and the team takes some very obvious jabs at their former employer.

It mentions mega corporations that rule the universe, and talks about how these corporations use "superfast bullet trains to deliver goods," saying "it must be cheaper, like outsourcing."

The game's description states that players "used to run a small shipping company on your home planet of Glendon-19." Glendon-19 is a reference to Pandemic's address, 1100 Glendon Ave.

Other notable real-world parallels include the mention of the "dastardly JR," an obvious knock at EA CEO John Riccitiello and a "hostile takeover by Elaborate Acquisitions," (Electronic Arts).

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