Glyder 2 Swoops onto the iPad

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Glu Mobile has just announced that Glyder 2, is now available for the iPad, and promises to make full use of the larger screen size.

The previous games in the franchise have received Pocket Gamer's Platinum Award, and made its way into the site's 10 best iPhone games of 2009.

Alex Galvagni, CTO & SVP Global Product Developmenr, Glu said, "Glu is thrilled to have an app available for the launch of iPad. The innovative iPad has allowed us to be creative and build upon the Glyder franchise,” adding,“Glyder 2 for iPad brings an array of new features and graphics offering players a fresh challenge while maintaining the relaxing game play that contributed to the enormous success of the original game.”

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Here are some of the features to be included in the updated iPad version:

• Significantly Enhanced Graphics – players can see the worlds come to life as they fly around a newly detailed environment featuring hi-resolution textures.

• Multiple Controls – in addition to the tilt control, gamers can now opt to control Eryn with the tap of their finger. Simply touch anywhere on the iPad screen to activate, then drag a finger around to steer Eryn on her path. Players can switch between these two control schemes at anytime during gameplay.

• Improved Navigation Between Worlds – without interrupting the game, players can tap the map button to display a semi-transparent map on the screen. The map indicates Eryn's position while providing players with a point of reference for where they are currently located. Utilizing the larger screen size helps players find new worlds.

• 3D World Viewer – interactive 3D models of each world displays the location of various points of interest, as well as tracks the progress of current crystal collection.

• Facebook Connectivity with iPhone/iPod touch –gamers are able to log into Facebook to upload their status for “friend points” which are earned by collecting crystals, completing goals and by having Facebook friends who are Glyder 2 gamers on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Sharing “friend points” grows towers which unlocks new wings, outfits and achievements.

Glyder 2 for iPad is now available for $4.99 on the App Store on iPad or at

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