Hello? Is This Thing On? What To Do When Your iPad Won’t Wi-Fi

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And now, the cloud to go along with the silver lining:

Since its otherwise smashing debut last Saturday, sporadic reports have been trickling in of iPads failing to connect to a Wi-Fi signal, even when said signals are at a level the FCC would be aghast at.  Luckily, Apple jumped right on the problem and posted the following solution on their support forum:


Under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known
Wi-Fi network after restart or waking from sleep. This can occur with
some third-party Wi-Fi routers that are dual-band capable when:

  • Using the same network name for each network
  • Using different security settings for each network

Products Affected



If you encounter this issue, try the following:

  • Create separate Wi-Fi network names to identify each band. This
    can be done easily by appending one or more characters to the current
    network name.
    • Example:  Add a G to the 802.11b/g network name and
      an N to the 802.11n network name.
  • Ensure that both networks use the same security type (WEP, WPA,
    WPA2, and so on)

If the issue persists, reset your network settings using Settings
> General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Note: Always ensure that your Wi-Fi router firmware
is up to date.

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