Here In My Car: OS 4.0 Code Hints At Apple Car Mount

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A low-level code grovel of OS 4.0 has unearthed some intriguing functions — which suggest Apple may have a branded iPhone automobile mount in the works.

OS 4.0's "iPod Out" feature — reportedly designed to be used with the iPod Accessory Protocol in automobiles — includes the strings "IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonNotification" and "IAPSSimpleRemoteCarButtonTypeKey."  In non-hacker dummy speak, this would allow external control of an iDevice — for instance, via a car mount with both control buttons and a video screen for menu display.

Another code string ("kCTCallStatusChangeNotification") suggests the ability to answer incoming calls without touching their iPhones.

An official, full-featured Apple iPhone car kit could spell big trouble for third-party manufacturers, whose mounts either add little additional functionality or (as with the Tom Tom car kit) are for a very specific purpose.

[Via AppleInsider, which includes a video of the "iPod Out" in action.]

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