Higher iDucation: College To Give Out iPads To Students

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Remember the '80s, and the "PC business/Mac school" great divide?  Well, the House of Jobs has always worked hard to get their hardware into scholastic situations; heck, all the way back in 2008, we reported how students at Abilene Christian College in Texas would be getting iPhones or iTouches when they enrolled.

And now it's the iPad's turn.  Georgia's Seton Hill University has announced it will give a shiny new iPad to new full-time students, starting this Fall.  Here's how their Technology Advantage subsite explains it:

Seton Hill's faculty understand that each student has a unique learning style. Some of you learn best by attending lectures and writing papers; others excel when given the opportunity to research a topic and create a video or an audio podcast. To this end, Seton Hill is committed to moving past the teaching of information literacy (understanding how to locate and evaluate information from resources that range from the traditional library to sophisticated online sources) to what we like to call "creative literacy" – teaching you not just how to find the information you need, but how to process it in the way that allows you to make sense of the information, apply the information to actual situations, and solve problems.

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