iPad Accessories Now Shipping for the 3G Version

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It looks as though Apple has begun shipping iPad accessories in earnest for the upcoming iPad 3g. We’ve heard reports from people for over a week how products they’d ordered, accessories for their iPad 3G were making it to them. This was accompanied by grumbling about the release of the ‘magical’ device.

The first date heard bandied about for the premiere of the iPad 3G was April 24th. Apple themselves remained vague, officially promising only ‚Äòlate April‚Äô. 

Then of course word came from Apple that the international release of the iPad would be delayed, due to ‘high demand’. Reports surfaced that it the manufacturer of the iPad’s touchscreen causing the delays. Speculation rose that the U.S. release of the 3G might get pushed back into May.

Now the release date appears to be April 30th. People are anxiously waiting, and not everyone is exactly happy at the delay. Some had their credit cards charged weeks ago, with no iPad in sight. Hopefully this is a sign that it will be soon on it's way.

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