iPad app review: Elements

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This is the app you show off to your friends to show off the capabilities of the iPad. It is sleek, vibrant, and educational. This is great for everyone, but it's especially handy for anyone in school.

The short: it is an interactive table of elements.

The long: Originally it would start off with a splash page, that made you hold the iPad to a specific landscape orientation, with the home button on your right. This is apparently so it will be in the correct angle to use as a presentation aid, with your iPad case. They have gad a big update and fixed this issue. It does not have a portrait orientation.

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The table of elements is interactive and every picture on the table moves. Touching an element opens it's page. There is a history of the element, and often but not always a representation of the element in action. If not, it has a picture of the discoverer (?), I assume. It’s not always explained or clear.

This app is full of information and links directly to Wolfram Alpha. Aanyone else think of Wolfram & Hart when they see that name?

It’s a bit expensive, I bought this to essentially to review it, and also show off the iPad’s capabilities to my friends, but it would’ve been a big help in science class in high school.

four of five stars

The Elements: A Visual Exploration $13.99

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