iPad App review: FaceFighter HD Face2Face

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I love this game. It is just pure cracky fun. Essentially you choose an opponent and by hitting icons on the screen punch the opponent in the face. You can also block punches and kick. There are combos for special moves, and you can build up for Legendary Fury and beat your opponent with ping-pong paddles.

You can even play head to head, against a partner, on either side of the iPad! This was a first for me and a real treat, I can’t wait to show it off. It really highlights the advantages the larger screen size will have for some games.

The game has built in opponents. My favorite is 'Deadward', designed for all the Twilight haters out there. FaceFighter also gives you the option of importing a pictures to create new opponents. You can give an enemy a face you want to punch, maybe a boss?

It's very enjoyable and on the iPad‚Äôs large screen it looks great. 

This image described by iPad, apps, games

FaceFighter HD Face2Face $3.99

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