iPad Mobile Ad Plans Coming This Week – Google Dances With Joy?!?

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This Thursday's iPhone Developer Event — y'know, the one where OS 4.0 (and maybe multitasking, pretty please?) will finally see the light of day — will also see the debut of Apple's new mobile ad platform.  Apple had already purchased Quattro Wireless earlier this year to serve/track/analyze said adverts, so the assumption is that app writers will now get the SDK to plug said ad code into their software.

So why would Google care about all this?  Well, they recently forked over three-quarters of a BEELLION dollars for rival company AdMob — only to have the FTC hold up the transaction for further review, on the grounds that it may be anti-competitive.  So Google's basically hoping to use this to tell Washington "See?  We DO have competitors!"

[Via All Things Digital]

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