iPad Review Day 4-6: E-books and Twitter clients

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I love Twitter. I have tried several desktop clients but found myself defaulting to the website for the sheer simplicity. Echofon is my app of choice on the iPhone, it's simple and straightforward. It allows multiple accounts and retweets with comments.

Today we're looking at the big Twitter players on the iPad, all three straight out of the gate, available on day one.


The Tweetdeck desktop app is a winner, robust and full featured, but at times it was just too cumbersome, and cluttered. I was thrilled when they put out an iPhone app, but found it too buggy for regular use. Hopefully it's improved since, but the initial experience was so off-putting,  I never went back.

Unfortunately, I've found the same on the iPad app. Tweetdeck has a long load time, and hangs often. It did not take well to my multiple accounts. Even after deleting several, it still hung and then crashed.

It is robust and full-featured, but I was rarely able to get it to work. Even trying to open a link in a tweet caused it to freeze up. I was very frustrated with this app. Tweetdeck has a great rep, and a large following. Hopefully they can get it together and fix this.

Tweetdeck for iPad, cost: Free

Twittelator Pad:

Knowing nothing about this app or previous iterations, I found it a complete delight. The interface is fun, and has a postal theme. The feed is always open on the left hand side. The right hand window, has tabs for mentions, direct mentions, trends and even drafts.

By default it only loads the last twenty tweets, which is not helpful, if you're loading it for the first time in the morning and you follow more than several people. You can change that easily in settings.

It is easy to retweet with comment, simply choose the quote option. You can have multiple accounts on Twittelator, but you cannot post to them at the same time.

In-feed photos are enabled by default, interesting, but ultimately I disabled them.

This app is a winner.

Twittelator Pad, cost: $4.99


The iPhone version never impressed me, but I love the iPad client. The interface is appealing and large, taking full advantage of the screen. In landscape its layout is reminiscent of the Seesmic desktop app.

The only thing it does not do is allow retweet with comment. Hopefully they will include this on upcoming updates.

Twitterrfic for iPad, cost: free, upgrade to premium $4.99

Recommendation: go with either Twittelator or Twitterific. Wait for bug fixes before checking out Tweetdeck.


The iBooks app from Apple and the Kindle app are so similar, it is a virtual toss-up. They're both free, get them both.

The one function Kindle has that I have not seen on iBooks, is it allows you to change the background. Instead of black text on white background, you can have the reverse. Both apps allow you to change the brightness, eliminating any eyestrain. 

No favorite here, they're both winners.

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