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The popular IM+ instant messaging app from SHAPE Services, has gotten a big update. It was optimized and iPad ready on launch, but since then a few bugs have been worked out. 

Immensely popular, IM+ has been around for a while on the iPhone/iPod Touch scene. 

It is one of only a handful of instant messaging apps available and optimized for the iPad. 

The company admits their first iPad version was a little rushed. Well, they‚Äôve certainly ironed out this kinks, adding new features and improving existing ones in this polished release. 

 New in this version:

 - Push session time increased to 7 days

 - New Facebook connection

 - Lots of user interface fixes for iPad

 - Speech recogntion now works on iPad

 - Proper external keyboard support on iPad

 - Twitter fixes.

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Four out of five stars

IM+ in the app store iPad & iPhone full version: $9.99 lite version: Free

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