iPad review: Shazam Targets TV

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Music discovery app Shazam became a huge hit with people via the iPhone app. More than 5 million users have downloaded the application since it first became available.

Now Shazam plans to do it all again on the iPad, this time with the intention of attracting and capitalizing on a television-viewing audience.

Andrew Fisher, Shazam CEO, explained to the New York Times that the iPad is perfect for the next evolution of their service.

“We’re going beyond the tag,” he said. “The next step for Shazam places more emphasis on browsability and discoverability.”

The biggest area where he sees the iPad having an impact is in allowing Shazam users to interact with TV shows and commercials. “A lot of people already tag music in television commercials, especially automobile commercials,” Fisher said. “So we know people are using Shazam while watching TV.”

In fact Shazam is already running a promotion with HBO for its show “How to Make It in America” that allows users who tag the show while it’s on to unlock bonus materials, like interviews with the actors.

The iPad version of Shazam generates charts of the songs that have been frequently tagged and make music recommendations based on a user’s tagging history.

Shazam offers users the option of purchasing the songs it recognizes on iTunes, and recently began offering the option to buy tickets for future performances by tagged artists.

Eventually, Fisher said, the company hoped to offer the corresponding music videos for sale or for viewing through YouTube.

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