iPad Review: Websites iPad Ready? Not Quite

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Silicon Alley Insider reports that while some of the big sites are claiming to be iPad ready, the change is only skin deep. Navigating past the opening page brings you up against flash that simply will not play on the iPad, nor will it ever, it seems.

The majority of older videos on iPad-ready sites are still Flash-only, and many of the deeper features also flash based.

 "…the front pages of all those sites work just fine. But try going in-depth on MLB.com and what do you find? A message says ‚Äúclick here to learn how to get video highlights on the iPad‚Äù in every video window. And it links to the $15 MLB iPad app. That‚Äôs not quite iPad ready, I don‚Äôt think."

It sounds tough for the iPad, but if the main pages were iPad ready on the device's launch date, surely the rest of the sites aren't far behind. Add to that, the news that Google is beta testing an HTML5 video player on YouTube. It could mean they might ditch Flash, surely a harsh blow to Adobe. Whatever happens the Apple/Adobe smack down is all far from over.

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