iSmashPhone’s Epic Journey for the iPad 3G

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Some who wanted an iPad held out that extra month for their 3G-enabled iPad. The wait is long for one who can see others already playing with their iPads while they must wait another four weeks.  

Luckily, that day is here. The iPad 3G has arrived in stores, and we need it. Now. iSmashPhone's journey to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City is complete. The iPad is almost ours! Only one minor hold up … It's really long line!

Most naysayers would argue that Apple's iPad is destined to fail. Of course those people probably haven't had to sit in the 500th spot in line as we were at one point. Though the iPad 3G is almost the same device as the wifi-only iPad, there are more than 500 people waiting in line at this one store!

Who ever would have thought that a company could have a second successful product launch within a span of 30 days? Apple and AT&T are very happy right now…

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Is there no end to this line?

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