It’s A Hit! Day One’s iPad, App, iBooks Sales Through The Roof

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Even before trotting out iPhone OS 4.0 today, Steve Jobs couldn't help but gloat a little over last weekend's iPad debut.  Turns out he had a lot to gloat about:

  • 450,000 iPads have been sold so far — 300,000 on Saturday alone.
  • 600,000 iBooks downloaded to date.
  • ONE MILLION iPad apps downloaded on Day One.  As of today, the count stands at 3.5 million 'Pad programs.
  • Oh, and App Store downloads in general?  FOUR BEELLION and counting.

Yoiks.  Those are mind-blowing numbers for a device that — sleek design and silky performance not withstanding — starts at US$500.00, lacks a camera, is IO-port limited, still needs to be synched to a desktop PC, and won't browse the Web without a nearby Wi-Fi signal.  Blame it on Early Adapter Syndrome, or iPhone fanatics who want the same interface experience on a larger playing field, or those who just automatically make the "Apple product = Insanely Great!" connection.

But it's pretty clear the iPad is gonna be around for a while.  And it'll be interesting to see how those sale figures change when the 3G's finally hit the retail channels.

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