Marvelous’ Announces Twitter-based iPad Game

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Marvelous Entertainment
recently announced Followars for the
iPad. Followars is said to be an RPG-type game in which players use their Twitter
account to build their character stats. For example, a players tweet count, number
of followers and number they are following will somehow directly affect the
strength of their in-game character, though exactly how has not been specified

Another interesting
aspect is that players will be able to team into groups of four with other
Twitter friends in order to fight against others through a battle screen.

The designer of the game,
Kenichi Nishi, known for such titles as Chibi-Robo, said that he made chose the
iPad platform because he did not want to sit “twiddling” his thumbs while other
developers created software for the device.

If things go as planned
for Marvelous, the game should be available in time for the iPad’s launch this
weekend, or very soon after.

via 1up.

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