Mount THIS, Google! Nexus One Gets Car Holder

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Remember our eight-day hands-on test of the Nexus One?  Yeah, neither do we, actually.  Three months later, we're totally over Google's "iPhone killer" and ready to move on to something new.  But maybe you're not.  Maybe you're happy with your T-Mobile edition, or perhaps you're still waiting for the Sprint version, or the Verizon version, or…

So this may be of interest to you: Google just announced the availability of a car dock/charger for the Nexus One.  Suction mount for your window, adhesive disk for everywhere else, built-in speakers, hands-free access, Car Home app to get you to Maps and Navigation/Voice
Search/Contacts/Music faster, yadda yadda yadda.  US$55.00 all by its lonesome, or you can bundle it with a new Nex purchase.

It's no Touchstone mounted in a BMW, but it'll do.

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