Programmer’s Court: Adobe Rumored To Sue Apple Over “No Flash Apps” Policy

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"Gonna sing the Sue Me, Sue You Blues" – George Harrison

ITWorld is reporting that the Apple/Adobe feud may be heading for the courtroom in the next few weeks, with Adobe planning to sue the House of Jobs over their continued refusal to play nice with Flash-based apps and websites.  The final straw appears to be the clause in the OS 4.0 SDK developer's agreement forbidding the coding of iPhone/iPad apps using emulator/conversion technology — a direct shot at Adobe's upcoming Flash CS5 (along with MonoTouch and MS Silverlight, among others).

Apple has continually argued that these "transmogrified" app-translation schemes will dilute the app gene pool, so to speak, and ultimately hurt the performance of the iDevices they run on. Programmers, on the other hand, are bridling at being forced to learn Objective C (the Apple-approved programming language) to create iApps, rather than a platform they're already fluent in.

The battle has already brought out the worst in both sides; Steve Jobs has been increasingly vocal in his distain for Flash (particularly in the wake of the iPad's debut), while Adobe uber-supporter Lee Brimelow was incensed enough to publish a "Go screw yourself, Apple" outburst (since tamped down a bit) in his Flash Blog.

It's the sort of courtroom melodrama that would benefit from the Ally MacBeal legal team coming in to diffuse the tension.  Unfortunately, it'll probably bring out the Gloria Allreds of the tech-law world.

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