Send In The Clones! iPad Knockoffs Surface In China

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Greetings from Mainland China.  Today, we bring you the Beatlemania version of the iPad: not the real thing, but an "incredible" simulation.  (Sarcasm may be inferred…)

Yes, the home of Mao Tse-tung is also ground zero for rampant hardware and software piracy, so it's not surprising that faux iPads are now offered for sale less than a month after the real deal made its retail debut.  This particular clone turned up in an electronics mall in Shenzhen in southern China.  It's actually not hard to discern it from a true iPad: this model sports three USB ports — and runs Windows 7. 

At 2,800 yuan (US$410.00), it's only a hair less expensive than a 16 GB Wi-Fi-only iPad, but even at that modest discount, demand for a Chinese iPad of any kind is enough that local factories will scurry to grind out anything that even resembles Uncle Steve's tablet.

[Via Reuters]

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