Sharper Images: Use Your iPhone To Wirelessly Focus Your DSLR

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It's one thing to just pick up a digital SLR with high-def video capabilities and shoot your kid's birthday party; it's another animal entirely to use said DSLR to shoot an episode of a prime-time TV show and make it look like it was shot on film (as HOUSE recently did for their Hugh Laurie-directed episode).  Which is where companies like redrockmicro [sic] come in: they provide the Hollywood-grade lenses, mounting systems, etc. needed to make those DSLR's into Red wannabes.

So if you're a focus puller (a camera assistant who's job is to literally adjust the focus during a shot), and you own an iPhone, the new microRemote is right up your alley.  This wraparound accessory is part of a system to wireless control your lens' focus, aperture, and zoom.  At an expected price of around US$1000, it ain't cheap, but there will probably be at least one non-Hollywood cameraman who can put it to use.  Here's a demo from the recent NAB convention:

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