Take A Stand Against Pricey iPad Supports

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That's what Andrew DeVigal did.  The NEW YORK TIMES multimedia editor wanted a way to to hold his new iPad upright, in both portrait and landscape modes, while using his even newer wireless keyboard.  Dissatisfied with his iPad Keyboard Dock — and unwilling to shell out fifty bucks for a Griffin A-Frame, DeVigal found his solution at a local Office Depot:

A US$0.69 business-card holder.

SIXTY-NINE CENTS, PEOPLE.  You can't even buy a cup of coffee for sixty-nine cents anymore.  (Oh yeah, and a dab of gaffer's tape for added traction.)

'Course, if Mr. DeVigal was a regular reader of this fine bloggeroo, he'd already know we're big on inexpensive/unconventional iDevice stands.  Like this one, made out of paper.  Or this paper-clip-based stand

Heck, something like this collectible-plate display easel looks like it would support an iPad quite handily.  Remember, you heard it here first!

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Now, if your tastes run towards something a bit more robust — not to mention eco-friendly — the clever folks at Lifehacking offer this ‚Ǩ4.00 iPad Dock ("We‚Äôre Dutch, so it‚Äôs made out of wood. To match our wooden shoes.").  Lifehacking promises the smooth, hand-sanded wood won't scratch your precious PADD, holds it securely, and gives you easy access to both the home button and the sync/charger cable.  Available now.


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