The Guessing Game: What Will OS 4.0 Bring To The Table This Thursday?

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Um, yeah, we said THIS Thursday.  As in April 8.  As in Apple essentially said "WE SOLD A CRAPLOAD OF IPADS THIS WEEKEND!!! Oh bye the way the new iPhone OS comes out in less than four days."

So whattaya think we're gonna get?

As we reported last week, Daring
is pretty confident that SOME sort of multitasking is in the works.  This is still kind of a stretch, since the iPad — which logically SHOULD multitask — doesn't.  And without multitasking, the possible enhancements (UI enhancements? File syncing?) would be nice-to-haves at best.  And what's left are merely hope-fors (better notifications, an active homescreen, iTunes streaming, iPad tethering, better social-network integration that doesn't involve Mobile Me).

Memo to Steve: You blew the doors off the world Easter Weekend with the iPad debut.  Make it two-for-two, and shock 'n' awe us with OS 4.0.  Kthxbye.

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