The New Mail Man: The Upcoming Universal Mailbox for the iPhone

For the technophile of the future, integration is the name of the game.  This started with the integration of media outlets onto your centralized computer.  Then it went strait to your pocket with PDAs, mobile devices, and eventually smart phones like the iPhone and the Nexus One.  Now everything you use it heading strait toward this integrated model.  This is done partly in an effort for large companies to increase their share of pretty much every available market, and also because this will limit where you have to go for information and services.  As email has become a central part of your smart phoning experience it seems natural to try and bring that into a hub as well.  Most people have several different email accounts representing different aspects of life, such as home, work, school, and possibly even a secret one.  Currently you have to log in to each of those mailboxes separately on the iPhone instead of having all of the mail just come to one giant bucket behind your touch screen.  Thankfully, this may be on the way to your iPhone shortly.

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According to most sources living in the "i" world, the iPhone OS 4.0 is looking to bring the Universal Mailbox straight to your iPhone.  Many people were hoping that this Universal Mailbox would come in the iPhone 3.2 update that should be coming soon, but at this point it looks like this is purely wishful thinking.  The conformation that the Universal Mailbox is "in the mail," so to speak, comes from a series of emails that Steve Jobs has been sending and the rabid internet community has been consuming. 

What the Universal Mailbox should promise is a simple way to have one inbox for all email accounts.  This is not likely to bring more obscure email accounts, such as those held privately by universities like AlphaMail, but should be set for things like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL.  With this you should have a very easy system that create a central hub and then operate with you as if all messages were coming to one account.  This may seem like common sense to many iPhone users, but it takes till lifespan 4.0 for Steve Jobs to realize this.  Sometimes its hard to see the logic that is right in front of your face.

Hopefully we do not have more than three or four months to wait for the iPhone OS 4.0 update, but there is no way to hammer it for sure.  Until then just be sated knowing that the Universal Mailbox is on its way, along with a document importing function.

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This image described by iphone update, iphone email, iPhone OS 4.0, iphone universal mailbox, Universal-mail-yes-steve-said
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