Video Chat & Conferencing coming in the iPhone 4.0

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9to5Mac is reporting that video chat is coming to the iPhone 4.0 OS. There were some hints at it in previous SDKs, but later removed. This adds credence to the rumors that the next iPhone will include the much anticipated forward facing camera.

The team found references to moderators, chat rooms, encrypted video conferences and other features which could be in the future to add video chat any number of applications. Most certainly this would tie into Apple‚Äôs plans for their Gamecenter.  

In the conference.framework they found sounds that will be used to alert a user to incoming Video Chat Requests. They are the same sounds used in iChat. 

A look at a Property List within an Apple Private Framework revealed strings unique to the iPhone OS, i.e., Chat Rooms and Moderation.  At the moment, this is a private framework, that developers can't access, but if it goes public, there will no doubt be an influx of Chat apps in the App Store.

Apple is reportedly testing the Video Chat on three different servers on their private intranet.

We’ve known for a while that the iPad has space for a camera, but as it won't have access to the camera software until fall when it gets the 4.0 OS, there was no need for a camera. Future iterations will probably come with one installed.


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