Adobe Takes Aim at Apple …again

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From the ‘here we go again’ department:

Over on Engadget today Adobe has launched an aggressive ad campaign calling out Apple and its anti-Flash position. There is a Flash ad in rotation in Engadget ad space, and Adobe also has a full page in today's Washington Post to address the battle in which the two companies have been engaged. 

Under the banner ‚ÄòWe [heart] Choice‚Äô on Adobe‚Äôs website is this missive: 

At Adobe, we believe that the open flow of creativity, ideas, and information should be limited only by the imagination. Innovation thrives when people are free to choose the technologies that enable them to openly express themselves and access information where and when they want. Everyone loses when technological barriers impede the exchange of ideas.

Openness is at Adobe's core. Our first technology was an open standard that liberated publishing from proprietary printing systems, and soon afterward our PDF technology eliminated barriers to sharing documents across platforms.

Adobe® Flash® technology enables the delivery of content to hundreds of millions of people, regardless of platform or browser. In 2009, in partnership with Google, Research In Motion, and dozens of other companies, we formed the Open Screen Project, a coalition committed to making web experiences seamlessly available on any mobile device.

We believe open markets that allow developers, publishers, and consumers to make their own choices about how they create, distribute, and access content are essential to progress. That's why we actively support technologies like HTML4, HTML5, CSS, and H.264, in addition to our own technologies.

As the web and mobile devices facilitate the free exchange of ideas like never before, we stand at the leading edge of an amazing revolution. We remain certain that openness is the only way forward.

Wow, this isn’t going away anytime soon is it? Anyone else sick of hearing about it? Whatever you think of Apple’s position, they aren’t the only one’s unhappy with Flash.

Apparently the ‘We [heart] Choice’ doesn’t seem to apply when you choose not to support their product. If Adobe still loves Apple after all the smackdowns, they're in obvious need of an intervention.

More to come, we’re sure.

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