Apple Probabably Won’t be Jumping on the VP8 Wagon

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Jobs doesn't seem to think that Google's new open source video codec, VP8, is up to snuff. Announced Wednesday, VP8 is promised by Google to be a high-quality video codec "efficiently adapting to the varying processing and bandwidth conditions found on today’s broad range of web-connected devices."

Google was able to acquire the codec when the company bought out video codec developers On2 Technologies. Though a recent email to Steve Jobs from a gentleman named Kris Bloe asking for his thoughts on VP8 helps clarify his stance.

It was a URL:

The URL takes you to the blog of a software developer at x264, who had early access to the VP8 code.

Here are some excerpts from his post:

"But first, a comment on the spec itself.

"Overall, VP8 appears to be significantly weaker than H.264 compression-wise."

"it seems that Google is not open to changing the spec: it is apparently “final”, complete with all its flaws."

If that all-caps "AAGGHH!" is any indication of his feelings, and reflects Job's own thoughts on the codec, it's safe to bet that Apple won't be accepting the codec with open-arms. 

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