Blogger Tells Adobe to Put Up or Shut Up

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Anyone following the tech blogs right now knows about the constant battle between Apple and Adobe: The software maker insists that Apple is closing their platform to them while Apple keeps saying that Adobe's Flash is unfit for their mobile device.

Blogger Scott Earle says he has a solution. He says that Adobe should simply create something that efficiently runs on jailbroken phones. Apple may not approve of such an idea, but it would at the very least prove one of the parties right. 

Here are excerpts from Mr. Earle's blog post: 

"Go on Adobe – you are saying that your Flash Player is so good, and how it will work so well on the iPhone, despite the fact that you have not yet managed to get it working to "release" quality on Android, or any other mobile platform yet. Lets see what you've got!"

"Apple say that Flash content relies on mouse-hovers, and that won't work so well on an iPhone or iPad – so prove them wrong!"

"Apple say that Flash Player is unreliable (and the videos you can find of it dying horribly during a demo on the Android OS don't help, frankly), so show them that it's not!"

"Adobe: Please release a Flash Player for the iPhone and iPad OS, that can be installed on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Prove to us that what you are saying is true, and that Apple are telling lies for some evil purpose."

Maybe Earle has a point. If Adobe could get a version of Flash to run efficiently on the untold number of jailbreak Apple devices out there, maybe the iPhone maker would reconsider. Who knows, but at least it may help end the back and forth jabs between the two companies.

via Guardian UK

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