Cell Phones Being Used Less and Less as Phones

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Can't say it's much of a surprise, but the New York Times reports that cell phones are now being used for data than for calls. 

Between texting, twitter, checking email and browsing the web while on the go, there is rarely a time when people aren't using data on their cellular plan. They are making less calls and using their smartphones for texting whether it's in quick messages back and forth to set meetings with each other or decide on lunch.

It also seems that those who do make calls spend no more than a minute at a time doing it. Sadly, we here at iSmashPhone feel the same way. Rather than calling our friends, some of us send a quick text instead: 

"KFC or Pizza?"


"Alright, see you at 2"

As more data is used for these sorts of things rather than calling, maybe devices like the iPad 3G won't seem like such a bad idea while on the road. Though it hits the pocketbook harder than it's wifi counterpart, maybe connectivity wherever you go is a more worthwhile solution. Even when traveling halfway around the world.

via NYTimes

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