Chrome Depot: What To Expect From Google’s Web App Store

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Yesterday, during Google's I/O Conference in San Francisco, the search-engine colossus fired a torpedo into the app-store waters by announcing  the Chrome Web Store: a marketplace for web apps.  Today, more details began leaking out:

– The store will (initally, at least) be limited to Chrome browsers and the pending Chrome OS.
– Asked if Google would allow other browsers to run the Web Store, Google VP of Product Sundar Pichai cautiously replied that, as everywhere else, Google would prefer it to be open, but did not elaborate.  Again, everything will be Chrome-only in the earliest stages.
– The odds are good that Google Checkout (or something similar) would be implemented, as on Android phones.
– Revenue sharing between developers and Google will be the industry-standard 70/30 split.
– Not surprisingly, the Web Store will have a big "Flash Spoken Here" sign hanging out front; Flash apps can become Chrome apps with minimal additional coding.

– App updates would be handled the same way as Chrome extensions are handled, i.e. automatically.

Again, the Chrome Web Store is nowhere near ready for prime time, but it will be interesting to see how an open-source web app store fares against phone-specific app stores.

[Via TechCrunch]