End Run: Flash Hack For Safari Runs On Jailbroken iPad

Just because Uncle Steve says he doesn't want Flash apps running on his beloved iDevices, doesn't mean you have to listen to him.

Irish iPhone/Mac developer Steven Troughton-Smith didn't.  Writing on his High Caffeine Content blog, Troughton-Smith — who's been mucking about with the Flash-friendly Android 2.2 beta — got it into his mind to tweak Safari to make it and Flash content play nice together.  Using some homebrew Mobile Safari plug-in code that works in the iPhone OS simulator (or on a jailbroken device), he was able to run a version of Lights Off on an iPad.

Troughton-Smith's conclusion? "I think Apple should put together a Safari Plug-in SDK for iPhone OS,
and let developers decide…Make something amazing with [the Safari plug-in code], and give Apple a reason to give us a
plug-in SDK."

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