Facebook Integration Coming to iPhone 4.0 ?

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The Telegraph is reporting that the new iPhone4.0 software update will include a native Facebook app tightly integrated with other programs.  

At the very least it means true Facebook contact syncing ‚Äî like previously reported – is coming.  Such functionality is already available on Android and Pre. It may also mean that Facebook Connect for iPhone apps is on the way.

It is speculated that iPhone users will be able to pull their Facebook contacts and regular address book in to one place, and message friends from their phone using Facebook Chat.

Of course it’s all speculation, and iPhone rumors are falling fast and furious these days. We’ll find out soon enough whee the WWDC rolls around June 7, but it makes sense and will keep the iPhone moving apace with other smartphones.

Some Facebook syncing is already in other Apple apps, like iPhoto., so again, it seems like a natural move.

Facebook Integration coming to the iPhone 4.0

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