Fashion Backward: Magazine Censors iPad Issue

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High-end fashion magazines that have frequently gotten away with artistic nudity in the past are facing a case of "nipple-snipping" when it comes to their online versions.

A staffer at UK alt-fashion zine Dazed and Confused recently revealed that their upcoming digital issue had to be so heavily censored (compared to what they could get away with in the print edition) that employees are calling it "the Iran edition…given the parallels
between censorship in the Muslim theocracy and the iTunes store."

Apple's on-and-off fits of prudery are nothing new (look at the recent App Store smutware purge), but it seems to many that they've become the self-appointed FCC of the Internet, handing down edicts of what can and can't be said/shown/suggested.  One could argue that D&C is taking the smart way out (self-censoring themselves rather than having an outside party wield the scissors), but the fact that much of the periodical world is looking at online in general — and devices like the iPad in particular — to save their slide into the financial quicksand makes one wonder if the House of Jobs should be antagonizing the very industry its actively courting to be content providers.

[Via Gawker, by way of Shiny Shiny]

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