Fifty Million RedLaser Scans Can’t Be Wrong

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RedLaser, whose iPhone app lets you research products by scanning their UPC bar code, recently celebrated a serious milestone: their fifty millionth successful product scan, according to a press release from Jeffrey Powers, co-founder of RedLaser's parent company Occipital.  The lucky product was a Deuter Backpack, scanned by a German iPhone owner on May 8th of this year. 

Since September of 2009, RedLaser apps have been installed on over 2 million iPhones, licensed to 69 companies, and the technology made available to Android coders via an SDK.  More significantly, RedLaser now allows users to upload photos of products whose barcodes aren't in the RedLaser database yet, where human workers research the new products and update the system.

“RedLaser is rapidly getting smarter when it comes to identifying
products," brags Powers, "We can now
identify brand new products and trends, in many cases even before the products
can be found with Google.”

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