Foreign Affairs: International iPad App Stores Are Live – And Early

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Knock, knock.  "Who's there?"  Euro.  "Euro who?"  You're-o gonna like this one…

iPad owners outside of the US of A can now buy apps online through their regional flavor of iTunes.  So why is this a big deal?  Two reasons:

1) The international iPad App Stores weren't scheduled to go live for another week
2) The iPad itself isn't being officially sold overseas.  Notice we said "officially;" thanks to favorable exchange rates, plenty of non-US customers were happy to snap up Yankee iPads on Day One, and damn the customs fees.

So far, iPad users in Holland, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia have confirmed they can purchase and download iPad apps.  No word from Mainland China — but then again, with all the rampant hardware and software bootlegging going on, it's kind of a moot point…

[Thanks Chris]