Gartner: Symbian Still Top Phone OS, But iPhone, Android Catching Up

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The Gartner Group released some interesting figures regarding cell phone operating systems, as of Q1 2010:

Symbian, RIM (Blackberry), and the iPhone dominate the top three slots, in that order — but Android is coming up fast, pushing Windows Mobile out of the Number 4 position.
iPhones and Android handsets now account for a combined 25% of the worldwide marketing share.  iPhone still dominates in actual share quantity (15.4% vs. 9.6%), but Android phones are gaining ground faster in relative share.
iPhones still dominate in number of phones sold (8.4 million in Q1 2010, vs. 5.2 million Android phones).  However, if you look at worldwide phone sales, the iPhone only comes in at #7, well behind RIM at #4.