Google Gives Up on Direct Sales of Nexus One

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Launched earlier this year, Google's Nexus One was the highly-awaited smartphone running on the company's Android operating system and meant to compete directly with the iPhone.

While the Nexus One will continue to sell, it will no longer be available through Google's online store. The company has decided that it's time to sell the phone through existing retailers.

In a blog post by Andy Rubin, VP, Engineering at Google's Android division, he wrote that despite the Android platform exceeding expectations, "the web store has not." The reason, he says, "customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to chose [sic] from."

Through the post he announced changes such as making the phone available in more countries, and shifting to existing retailers globally as well as plans to eventually stop selling handsets through the web store.

via Official Google Blog

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